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Whether you want to understand how to launch an NFT collection, build a metaverse, integrate into an existing metaverse like Roblox, Meta Horizon Worlds, The SandBox, or create your own miniverse, what blockchain is, what play-2-earn games are, how they change the way people perceive their relationship with brands, how to communicate about the new medium of the metaverse, our team's accessible passion will open up the concrete imagination of the possible.

Encompassing topics as technological as marketing, from blockchain to the metaverse to NFTs, everything links together and makes sense when you understand the true philosophy and values behind this structuring change of web2.

Our trainings and ideation workshops are tailor-made to work on the changes and opportunities offered by the web3 for your business sector, your brand.
Depending on your needs and the number of collaborators, our team will tailor a turnkey training course to your requirements, with the sole objective of acculturating you to the subjects of web3 and closing the course with a first step of concrete reflection on its application for your brand.

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