Innovation and metaverse

Immersive and interactive successes to cultivate emotion.

Previously totally unsuspected by their strength of engagement, video games and the world of gaming and e-sports are now real opportunities for brands to speak out. They are new territories that also impose new codes: communities, privileged platforms, vocabulary, for example.

Gaming sensitivity and expertise are essential to best address the Gen Z, which will represent 33% of the French population by 2030.

Thinking and developing a gameplay for a custom game or imagining a storytelling associated with a license requires a real sensitivity that knows how to handle the gaming approach with the brand's messages in order to build an interaction experience that makes sense.

Operations of this type are doubly resonant when they rely on communities of Twitch and YouTube influencers. A 360° vision of the operation is often essential to ensure its success with the target community.

Sometimes it's even a question of broader partnerships between the brand and a gaming influencer or a video game license. A marriage that is then played out as an evidence, from the integration of the brand in a video game to its sponsorship of an influencer, an e-sport team, etc.

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