Projection mapping

Projection Mapping

A technique revealed in the early 2010s, it is the philosophical extension of open-air cinema. Awe-inspiring experience in sleight of hand passes from an ingenious motion design, brands have appropriated it as a support at the crossroads of events, commercials and interactive experiences.

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Projection mapping is a combination of “simple” video projectors synchronized on various surfaces. On a building, it adapts to volumes and when natural light disappears, it can then play with reality to build a universe specific to the brand. From an experience point of view, it is in a way a concrete vision and without accessories of augmented reality for an audience that is often won over.
In its most impressive version, it is used in XXL event operations, in open public places, but it is widely used in closed places, concert halls. It can also be transferred to smaller surfaces, for example to give life to the inside of a display case.

Its effect works when the surface is in volume. Unlike classic cinema, it allows the viewer to live a 3D volume experience, deceiving the brain and its spatial references.

As part of an activation campaign, in street marketing and interactive experience, it easily replaces a classic print dress, capable of magically occupying large volumes with the advantage of animation. In coherence with a graphic charter, creation in 2D or 3D allows to sublimate the brand experience and to meet the most demanding expectations.

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