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Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the addition, in real time, of virtual elements to an existing and concrete environment. It is a screen that lands on your reality to increase its possibilities and its readings.
Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality can be practiced simply using a smartphone or tablet with at least one camera. However, other equipment abounds in this rapidly growing market, including glasses, lenses and other connected objects, thereby diversifying the experiences offered to users and increasing their spectacular nature.
Pushing back the boundaries of reality to build an extraordinary reality

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Although still far from the massive use of augmented reality, and its popular applications like Instagram and Snapchat filters, virtual reality technology is gradually becoming more and more popular. Its effects on kinesthesia make it a particularly persuasive, even invasive, technology.

At Sweet Punk, we are happy to be able to put our technical know-how and our experience of universe creations at the service of your vision, which we will endeavor to make unique and spectacular. With the help of various connected objects, virtual reality makes your fictions palpable and gives them the illusion of truth.
It is in compliance with deontological rules and an ethics focused on the well-being of its users that our agency guides you in the creation of impactful virtual campaigns.
Our teams of developers and creatives have been using CAD (computer-aided design) for several years as well as GL web programming to model unforgettable universes, make decorations with refined aesthetics and imagine fantastic experiences never before. views, virgin of all exploration.

On this white page constantly redesigned, in this nihilistic ideal, we model your thinking, design your utopia. Thanks to these digital installations, immersed in the heart of fictitious environments, we invite your audience to move, to browse your intentions, to test your emotions, thus creating mythical and striking interactive events.

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