Polen, the idea odyssey in virtual reality.

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In the shadow of nothingness sparks the spark.

Situation & Challenge

Make the digital vows experience tangible

Digital multiplies the possibilities of interaction and storytelling. The branded objects leave a palpable memory. Why choose ? Our challenge was to reconcile the intangible and tangible worlds in order to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual.


Creative Idea

An introspective journey in search of the idea

To follow the path of an idea, what could be better than virtual reality to immerse yourself in this fantastic abstraction? Today, the stories told on the web come to life thanks to connected and unconnected objects.

For its 2017 wishes, Sweet Punk proposed a journey into the world of the idea in 3 dimensions. An immersion made possible thanks to a cardboard sent to our customers allowing to see a video in 3D using his smartphone.

You should think bigger