Methodical agility.

In a few words, what do you want your users to remember when browsing your site?
What feeling, emotion, felt? What actions to carry out?
These are the questions that we will answer while working on the design of your site.

Designing a site means designing the engine of your business or a daily communication tool, which will sometimes be the first contact of a potential client with your brand.
Identify user needs, prioritize information, create precise wireframes and an effective and creative design, write content that inspires action and spreads the right messages.

But also, develop an effective SEO strategy and set up the necessary hosting so that your site is visible and accessible.

These are all key steps in the design of your site, on which our teams can assist you.

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If thinking user centric is the condition for offering simple, fluid and optimal navigation, meeting your marketing or communication objectives will also be part of the challenge.

Our strategic pole therefore begins by studying behavior and identifying the needs of your users. He works directly with our UX Designer to develop user journeys and define each of the functionalities.
The wireframes are then produced with care to begin to give life to the different pages of your site from a functional point of view and to prioritize the information.
Our designers – writers will intervene in parallel to define the content strategy present on your site by carrying out an editorial charter if necessary. But also, by writing relevant content capable, according to the objectives, of driving action and spreading the right messages.

Then comes the stage of web design which will bring the creative touch that will make your site a site that looks like you and that will not leave your visitors indifferent.

But designing a site also requires technical expertise. Back-office architecture, loading time, performance and analytics monitoring nothing is left to chance so that your site is for you a major tool for your business and your communication.

Our teams of developers will frame your project to identify the best technology (s) to adopt and define the most suitable hosting solution so that your site is visible and accessible.

And once your site is online, we can help you develop an activation campaign to make it known and generate traffic.

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