Methodical agility.

How about being able to drive a car that you could choose the smallest details, control the entire purchasing budget, with no unpleasant surprises on the delivery date?

No, you are not dreaming, the Scrum method allows you to do that!

By integrating elements of the method into all of our digital projects, we guarantee deliverables without (bad) surprises.

Ideation, co-creation, iterations, you will be present for all the key phases of the project: from conception to online publication.

If our project, creative and technical teams work daily in an agile method, you will be integrated into all project decisions

With the agile method, finish project management in silos and deliveries that do not really meet your expectations: the steps are clear, iterations are regular and decision-making is more fluid.

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Facilitating exchanges and interactions between the different actors of a project is the primary vocation of the agile method. This method of project management makes it possible to align the visions of stakeholders, to define priorities.

At Sweet Punk, the agile method results in the use of frameworks like Scrum or tools inspired by the KANBAN method: daily points of passage between the creatives, the project manager and the technical team; cut tasks to feed a backlog of prioritized features but also regular demos allowing you to see the evolution of your site at the end of each development sprint.

Agile project management is often the key to a project where all of the stakeholders are satisfied because they are present and aware of all the key stages of the project and actively participate in its design.

The wireframes and UX design phase is developed following co-creation workshops where we take into account all user needs.
The content of the site is also defined during a workshop, in order to define an optimal architecture and prioritization of information.

Once the UI design phase has started, you are once again present to ensure that the project perfectly meets your expectations and to make it evolve over the iterations.

One of the pillars of the agile method is collaboration and the SCRUM method is based on “People”, in other words the human, the team, and we want to put them at the center of our projects and at all levels.

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