A platform that gives speech to women of science.

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New digital identity for Women for Science

Situation & Challenge

Women will do the science of tomorrow

Is science still a man’s business? For the L’Oréal Foundation, those days are over. It values ​​the work of women in science, but its platform for submitting projects does not do it honor.



Encourage the participation of women in science.

We have completely redesigned the user journey to allow scientists to create and publish their projects in less than 3 clicks. Intuitive access for both candidates and experts who judge the work of tomorrow’s scientists.

Creative Idea

A scientific platform designed as an interface for exciting content

Science too austere? To break this cold image and highlight the work of all these women, we brought a warm and empathetic touch by rethinking the whole identity of the platform.

210 countries represented and more than 250 women rewarded / year.

You should think bigger