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Non-violent warriors conquer the digital world

Situation & challenge

One Voice, a cry from the heart on digital

A non-profit organization under the 1908 law, One Voice has been fighting in the field for over 30 years for the respect of animal and planetary ethics, with a view to sustainable rewilding.

Its fight continues only thanks to the actions and donations of its members. The brand’s new website is designed to showcase these efforts, to demonstrate the real impact of donations, and to recruit new members and donors.

The site must therefore fulfill a twofold objective: to show the reality of the field, and to make people want to get involved.


Faire du site One Voice le levier de tous les engagements

To make the invisible battles visible and achieve our recruitment objectives, we worked on two main aspects of the fight. Firstly, the new site gives full meaning to the fight, with a page dedicated to the association’s different fronts and modes of action. Browsing the site allows you to delve into the association’s battles in detail, and to find out more according to your own particular sensibilities.

In the same way, a section dedicated to commitment has been created, enabling everyone to take part in the fight according to their level of investment and the means at their disposal. This siloed approach makes it possible to better qualify possible actions according to the user’s profile.

Creative idea

Bringing activism to life in navigation

OneVoice unites both human beings, by encouraging action, and animals, by speaking out on their behalf. The symbolism of togetherness is the common thread running through the site. Animations around the circle, symbol of unity, give rhythm to the navigation. The militant nature of the site is expressed both in words and visuals, with the principle of “noise” recalling the gathering together of committed individuals.

By representing this union of struggles, individuals and animals, the site embodies the association’s promise: “a single voice for a single struggle”.

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