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Situation & challenge

A brand to conquer the world

A major player in the B to B dairy sector, Candia Professional wishes to strengthen the power of its brand, in particular vis-à-vis chefs from the Asian continent and the Middle East, who are particularly sensitive to French know-how.


Inspire chefs

The new Candia Professional site is positioned as a daily source of inspiration for cooks. We conceive of this platform as a pictorial recipe book, where everyone can compose their table of culinary inspirations as they see fit in their personal space. A broth of creativity made in France for professionals around the world that makes the brand a creative partner rather than a simple service provider.

Creative Idea

A circle of great chiefs

The site, refined to the maximum to meet the premium codes, leaves the spotlight to the visuals. There is a circular, organic pattern, which echoes the creative movement of the gastronomic milieu. The typo has a “craft” aspect that evokes the craft environment, in tribute to the work of the chefs. The whole is enhanced by warm colors which bring the final touch of gluttony to this site which puts small dishes in the big ones.

  • an attractive and efficient website
  • 17% of visitors register on the site
  • Form completion rate of 60%
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