New digital identity on the table.

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Everyday proof, a signature guarantee of quality.

Situation & Challenge

The whole world rubs shoulders with its products every day, without even realizing it. Arcoroc wants to rethink its digital identity to get out of its discreet reputation and assert its identity and its quality positioning.



We have proposed to rethink the brand’s digital identity by redesigning the website around a new “everyday proof” signature, which confirms Arcoroc’s ambition: tableware that stands up to everyday life for restaurateurs and consumers. The history of the site is written around these unique objects that embody excellence and sustainability.

Creative Idea

What could be more trite than a plate or a glass? At Arcoroc, each object is thought out in a unique way to best meet the needs of professionals and consumers. We served the new promise on a plate, contextualizing each product to bring humanity and know-how to the brand.

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