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We give your brand the presence it deserves. Its identity and its character tell a story, but the next chapter will be the most exhilarating. Your DNA of tomorrow is just one step from your DNA of yesteryear. And only emotion, and listening closely to your clients, will allow you to take that step.

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Sweet Punk accompanies its customers from brand creation to brand support in order to make it more exciting. Through the agency’s strategic planning, we develop committed brand platforms and propose content and social media strategy.

The brand platform is based on an in-depth target analysis and guarantees an effective content strategy and/or social media strategy to reach your specific audience.

We see brand support as the raison d’être of strategic planning, whether it relates to brand creation or brand development/renewal. We’re here to help you build a strong and sustainable brand platform, from which you can carefully create your own content strategy.

Our strategic planning experts carry out the target analysis, the current brand platform and market trends in order to offer you the right brand support.

As far as content and social media strategy is concerned, our creatives first of all carry out a trend and sector watch in order to better understand consumers’ expectations. It will then be a question of producing relevant content in response to our target analysis without betraying your brand platform. To do this, we ensure that each content strategy or social media strategy is perfectly calibrated to your editorial charter.

When creating a brand, we listen to your needs as well as those of the market and consumers. We search in undiscovered and innovative areas to be able to design the most meaningful brand platform for you and your customers.

At Sweet Punk, our Strategic Planning Department works systematically with our creatives and designers, in order to ensure good consistency, integral to our brand support.

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