A gentle video remedy.

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A gentle video remedy.

Situation & challenge

Finally a grandmother remedy that appeals to young people.

The makeover for a healthy brand
Arkopharma, specialist in natural health via its food supplements, wishes to refresh its image and conquer the general public. Indeed, in a context of democratization of alternative medicine, the brand’s target is expanding. To address it, Arkopharma chooses Sweet Punk to produce a series of videos to present its products from a new angle on Youtube and social networks.

Strategy & creative idea

Thank you Granny!

Arkopharma food supplements only contain natural ingredients! We decide to treat these products as modern day grandmother remedies: simple, effective and without frills. A humorous and light treatment is given to the countryside, to move away from the sometimes frightening medical field.

Creative idea

Feel good and humanized

Creative idea
Feel good and humanized
The DA seeks to convey authenticity in colorful and dynamic tones, which echo the energy conveyed by the brand and sought by the target. Modern typo games are added to a very lifestyle universe. The objective: to dust off the sometimes cheesy image of alternative medicine and make it an object of lust, attractive and in the era of time.

AB testing: animation vs real image

Range mobile videos

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