A journey with Bureau Veritas, interactive experience.

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The support of Bureau Veritas in every detail.

Situation & Challenge

Clarify your area of ​​intervention

Bureau Veritas, leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification, wishes to clarify its area of ​​activity and transmit a global vision of its expertise.

The following question then arose. How, beyond visual rework, introduce a narrative dimension to arouse the interest of our different audiences?

Creative Idea

From macro to micro

We imagined “A journey with Bureau Veritas”, an interactive experience materializing Bureau Veritas support in every detail of everyday life, thus breaking down its offer.

Users start the experience by selecting an everyday action, then are guided by a narration ranging from micro to macro, going back through the stages of securing their environment and connecting expertise that a priori has nothing in common.

The public is invited to discover a fictitious city in 3D illustration, a detail that brings a touch of seriousness in order to contrast with a playful universe made up of simple shapes, soft colors and natural light.

You should think bigger