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Talent at the core of management

How can we support Chateauform’ in achieving the statutory objectives linked to its mission?

How can we inspire companies to reveal their talents, to change their management models towards greater respect for people, territories and the living world?

Thanks to a global brand content strategy that aims to make Chateauform’ an opinion leader on these issues.


Human to Human takes advantage of the opportunity to dialogue with top executives to take its message directly to decision-makers.


Inspiring humanism at the top of companies

In the Human to Human podcast, Benjamin Abittan, Managing Director of Chateauform’, interviews entrepreneurs and executives convinced that humanism in business is the future.

Creative idea

Making your voice heard, without raising your voice

Intimate, sincere, authentic and punctuated with anecdotes, Human to Human are 25-minute conversations about the problems faced by entrepreneurs who want to change the world of work, and the solutions they want to share with their peers.


They all have one thing in common: profit must remain a means to an end, albeit a necessary one.

Our guidance


The bible for decision-makers and top managers

A media partnership with Harvard Business Review and Capital to directly address the target audience of decision-makers in an ultra-affluent environment: topics related to management and business.


– Capital : an article dedicated to the first two episodes of Human to Human (podcast) to highlight the content and ensure its visibility.

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– Harvard Business Review: the creation of a virtual chair decked out in Chateauform’ colors, mixing articles from the editorial staff with sponsored articles written by HBR journalists and linked to Chateauform’ humanist business philosophy.


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