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Spotlight on the new CinéCréatis brand platform

Situation & challenge

Writing tomorrow's cinema today

Film training courses are often wrongly discredited due to a lack of understanding of the professional reality of the sector. CinéCréatis, école des métiers du cinéma, aims to restore the prestige of behind-the-scenes expertise and raise the curtain on professions that demand technique and rigor.


The new brand platform is now embodied in a cutting-edge creative and editorial expression, highlighting the real career opportunities offered by a buoyant and serious sector.


CinéCréatis steps outside the box to train future film professionals

The ambition to give Ciné Créatif the stature of a technical expert in the film industry guided the entire redesign of the brand strategy and its creative expression. These were supported by a rebranding, an editorial charter and a new website.


Asserting a position of excellence for CinéCréatis means guaranteeing the quality of its teaching and establishing its credibility with a diverse target of parents-students-professionals. It’s a matter of reassurance and brand preference, essential for emerging in a highly competitive environment.

Creative idea

Diving into the heart of technology

Promoting CinéCréatis as a training ground for professionals means highlighting the quality of its facilities and its in-depth mastery of business methodologies.

To embody this “school in the field” stance, technique has been placed at the heart of the artistic direction through the use of strict visual codes that convey the demands of its teaching. The use of counter-forms is reminiscent of the shooting equipment used on a daily basis to train tomorrow’s film professionals. An elegant, uncluttered graphic case, perfectly suited to a bold pen and an inspiring editorial tone to train tomorrow’s film professionals in the best possible conditions.

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