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Keyade draws his leader's path

Situation & Challenge

From the SEA referent to the consulting agency.

For more than 15 years, Keyade has had a recognized status in the field of SEA management around a very technological DNA. With the evolution of the market and products around GAFA, the notion of performance is evolving and the agency wishes to position itself as French No. 1 in the WPP group on digital media.


Combine performance and vision to enhance the consulting spirit

Through the new identity, the important thing was to be able to detach oneself from the tools of the past without denying a strong technological DNA. We wanted to reinterpret this notion of digital by disseminating it in a more mature, more impactful brand, but also more human.


Performance is human

To assert its positioning, the brand visually translates into an energetic, ambitious universe that is always on the move. The digital-friendly aspect is integrated into the research phases, favoring dynamic but warm typography and colors.

Always in mouvement

The graphic pattern play expresses a living and human technology, at the service of performance.

The company presentation and the commercial tools have been completely revised to confirm the new positioning from the first contact with the customer.

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