Kwark: a case study for e-learning

  • School / Training
  • Brand strategy and advice
  • Identity / Branding

Kwark is shaking up the world of digital education.

Situation and challenge

The Netflix of training wants an identity to match its ambitions.

Digital Universities, EdTech leader in the digital transformation of post-baccalaureate schools, aims to revolutionize the sector with a platform that connects schools, courses and students in one place.

A challenge that requires the creation of a brand that honors this never-before-seen promise.


Go beyond the tool by creating an empire brand.

The codes of EdTech are very overused and focus mainly on the tool rather than its purpose.

We decided to take a step back from the subject and translate its deepest ambition: to bring together all the players in the field of education in one collaborative place, to create powerful connections and virtuous cycles of educational content.

We therefore rely on a branding that is much more conceptual than what the sector is used to.

Resources strategy

Territory search

  • Analysis of the competition
  • Research of communication universes
  • Research of semantic fields
  • Naming
  • Artistic direction

Kwark, a naming which makes vibrate.

Inspiration found in quantum physics, the quark is an elementary particle, indivisible at the origin of what is called the strong interactions.



A branding in resonance with the created universe.

The artistic direction is inspired by this universe of the infinitely small.

Gradient and grain effects evokes the vibration and superposition, a fundamental concept in quantum physics.


This is a perfect name for this new tool that promises a multiplicity of connections and interactions with the sector.

An abstract name that will allow the brand to be easily declined according to its ambitions and future projects, and a graphical design made more abstract to gain identity.

Artistic direction

kwark makes its mark by colors that evoke wisdom and science, without ever falling into the static: like the eponymous particle, Kwark is in constant vibration and never freezes.

You should think bigger