An ode to data science

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Making sense of the data flow

Situation & Challenge

How to place Data Science at the heart of Luckycart's communication?

Luckycart wishes to evolve its positioning from creator of contests on consumer shopping tunnels to data science expert at the service of brands, distributors and consumers. But what communication path should we take to broaden our offer by talking about our business?


By opening the doors of its expertise to fascinate its targets

The new communication axis chosen sublimates big data and artificial intelligence with pride. Yesterday the brand did not know how to express itself on these complex subjects for fear of losing its target, but today it has found a fascinating and educational tone that captivates and impresses.

Creative idea

Revealing what the eye does not see

The creative concept gives meaning to the data stream, like Neo when he discovers the matrix vision, Luckycart reveals buying behaviors that elementary algorithms do not see. We go beyond simple “promo gaming” expertise to graphically represent the beauty of big data.

A new identity

A new website

Social media

You should think bigger