The call for a professional revolution

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New work order: manifesto video for the largest European freelance community.

Situation & challenge

Bringing the repositioning of the brand to life.

Malt, the famous freelancing platform, wants to move up a gear and switch from a start-up image to that of a company firmly anchored in the professional landscape. The brand asks Sweet Punk to embody this scale-up through a video manifesto: new work order.


Choice, a driver of change.

How can a new, more flexible, more modern way of working be brought to light without devaluing traditional functioning? By championing choice as a vector of fulfillment for the freelancer and for the company, Malt unites around values ​​that speak to everyone: evolution, agility, responsiveness.

Creativ idea

Humanity and authenticity.

The spot features real freelancers, far from the stereotypes of start-ups and video image banks. A way for the brand to prove its understanding of the target and to highlight it in a dynamic and moving montage that reinforces the text of the manifesto.

You should think bigger