Giving health the voice it deserves

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Médecins du Monde uses the presidential campaign to denounce the health care system


Our health care system: the great forgotten of the 2022 presidential elections

While the health crisis has saturated the media landscape for the past two years, the absence in political debates of questions related to our health system and its dysfunctions raises questions today.


Alerter le grand public à travers une opération politique et militante

Alerting the general public through a political and militant operation

Strategy & Creative idea

#HealthCampaign: giving health the voice it deserves

To put health back at the heart of political priorities, we have decided to highlight it in the presidential campaign. To do this, Médecins du Monde will infiltrate the 2022 presidential campaign at all levels. We have devised an operation that reflects the image of the association: political and militant.

If the candidates don’t campaign for health, let’s campaign for it! Sweet Punk has imagined a concept based on detour. The idea is simple: to use the campaign posters of the candidates, communication tool par excellence of the elections, to display and denounce the absence of health in the campaign.


A poster campaign

Thanks to the 15 French delegations of the association, a wild poster campaign is deployed throughout the territory. Volunteers and activists are thus invited to divert the slogans of the candidates by sticking stickers with evocative messages.

Digital: infiltrating social networks

Médecins du Monde is infiltrating the debate on social networks by bouncing off the candidates’ tweets about health and launching debates on the Reddit and Chora platforms.

A dedicated page

The operation is relayed through a video and a dedicated page on the site allows you to find the 10 proposals of Médecins du Monde to put health back at the heart of the political debate.

Generic posters

Candidate posters


Social Media

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