A handmade contest for artisans

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Closest to manual skills with Société Générale

Situation & Challenge

Address emotionally a target ignored by banks

The target 16-21 year old apprentice craftsmen is often abandoned by the banks in favor of post-bac students and young workers. Societe Generale wants to show that it understands this target with a digital experience that makes an impression


Diversity of professions and proximity of services

You can only offer a tailor-made service if you really care about your client. From this starting point, we wish to demonstrate that Société Générale knows the craftsmen and their needs in great detail. To prove it, we are setting up a contest to invite the public to discover the craftsmen through the brand.

Creative idea

Hands and craftsmen

The craftsmanship involves tools, all of which are handled by hands that are expert in their field. We filmed the hands of craftsmen at work, to offer users intriguing videos to guess the job hidden behind the know-how. A contemplative and crafted rendering, like the star jobs.

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