The Lucioles ballet enchants children's savings.

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Societe Generale tells savings differently.

Situation & Challenge

A little education saves a lot of trouble.

Money is a big deal but not only! Societe Generale wants to educate young people about the banking world for the holiday season. She called on us to imagine in the minds of Cox and Nel a game that combines the useful with the pleasant.


The Christmas spirit to alleviate banking problems

We choose to include the concept of savings in a fairy tale and to reinforce it through a gamification mechanism to seduce children.

Creative Idea

A game that spares neither young nor old.

The ballet of fireflies tells about savings through these small luminous insects which have saved light all year round to redistribute it at Christmas. The child must reproduce a luminous ballet in the correct order to win gifts. A simple, immersive and interactive story that appeals to children and adults.


  • 160,000 visitors without a media plan.
  • 31,000 registered.
  • 23% conversion rate.
  • more than 2 minutes spent on the game.
  • 1 Awwward Site Of the Day.


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