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The digital recruiting expert wants a site to impress the best developers.

Situation & Challenge

The new face of web recruiting.

Urban Linker, a recruitment agency specializing in web jobs, has entrusted us with the redesign of its identity and its website. The challenge: to embody a unique positioning, between premium expertise in cutting-edge recruitment, and a young and dynamic spirit linked to the digital sector.


Strategi Axis

Digital specialists who recruit digital specialists.

Our solution to differentiate and embody the brand: use the target language codes to get closer to it and create proximity. In doing so, Urban Linker shows that it knows its field and the challenges of the targets, all in a dynamic and caring atmosphere that makes you want to be accompanied.


To each his needs, to each his UX course.

Depending on the type of visitor, client or candidate, the home adapts and provides the most appropriate content. The page dedicated to the candidate is accessible through 5 different profiles. Thus, the “code ninjas” will not have the same journey as the “marketing heroes” or the “space creatives”.

This personalization of navigation makes it possible to highlight the essential content relevant to the target while maintaining a readable and airy layout.



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