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For Zero Waste France, nothing new except pixels.

Situation & challenge

In order to preserve the resources of our planet, the Zero Waste France association is launching the national and large-scale challenge to use the millions of objects already in circulation rather than buying new ones.

After convincing 15,000 people to join the challenge in 2018, Zéro Waste France wishes to convince 100,000 in 2019.


Creative idea

Designed as a tool, the platform supports the Internet user throughout the challenge thanks to a user experience optimized for the content and needs of the target audience. The agency has set up a monitoring questionnaire to track its consumption (avoided purchases, saved materials, calculation of its footprint, etc.). A way to make the challenge and the impact of each concrete.

  • Results from the previous year achieved in just 3 weeks
  • 1,781 tonnes of raw materials saved
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