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Each year the greeting cards briefs from advertisers keep coming back to take place on the desks of managers and creatives.

They then flood the mailboxes of their customers or even gather outside the door of their suppliers. Consensus of good intentions, without taking a position, exercise is generally experienced as a routine by those responsible for it. The recipients, over-solicited, will be fairly amused at best.

The painting is a priori black but it can quickly take on colors and varnish.

How to go beyond the obligation and take pleasure in preparing a singular and meaningful greeting card? How to be able to carry with will a vision, a message transmitting your values?

Before you are overcome by blank page syndrome and last year’s brief cut-and-paste reflex is triggered, here are a few keys that can suddenly give this chestnut tree a soul.

A human-to-human message

The end of year greetings benefit from a particular timing. This time of year when we take stock of ourselves, what could have happened to us during the year. There is a retrospective idea that touches on nostalgia and therefore on emotion. There is something to touch the human behind the keyboard, to tell him a story that can reach him.

On the American continent, the culture of the Christmas miracle being very present, brands have engulfed this breach and the spots and operations linked to the holiday season often exploit this vein by adapting it to their profession.

Stella, who enjoys a high-end image in the US, has produced a series of "in real life" films in which the brand reserves powerful surprises because they are personalized to the lives of its customers.

Small communication twist: the scene starts as if it were a TV commercial, until the narrator indicates that this year it is necessary to leave the false pretense and be in the True, with a big V.

The other great boredom booster in vow campaigns: humor. Humor has this great advantage that it relaxes and amuses on a subject that has been repeatedly discussed. The magic of humor: an inexhaustible and multifaceted recipe, from the moment the brand assumes and the agency ensures.

The English supermarket chain for its end-of-year campaign 2014 produced a UFO video where real grandpas begin to perform a perfect choreography in a surreal evening.

Little star on the tree: the brand offered for free via Soundcloud the Dubstep remix of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" made for the occasion and on which grandpas wiggle.

Innovation makes a wow effect.

Another lever that makes it possible to outperform a wish operation: innovation.

The strength and originality of your wishes do not only depend on the underlying message, they are also dependent on their form. And if we break the psychological lock of the equation “a greeting card = email + a video + a flyer”, the field of possibilities becomes exponential.

Virtual or augmented reality, connected objects, webgl … push the limits of reality and allow the user to take the user into a new world, your world. And above all, their use is simplified: 360 ° video is now compatible on YouTube, and the magic of virtual reality can be achieved with a mobile and a cardboard. The technological divide that segmented technophiles from technophobes has faded or even disappeared.

These innovative technologies will only be effective if accompanied by a concept as powerful as the technology is surprising. So you have to combine the message and the technology. The key: to allow yourself a storytelling that goes off the beaten track, and a lot.

Wishes Sweet Punk 2016: Polen, the Odyssey of the idea in 360° video

For its 2017 wishes, Sweet Punk proposed a journey into the world of the idea in 3 dimensions. From the premises at birth, it is a deep dive into the creative spirit that is offered. An immersion made possible thanks to a cardboard sent to its customers allowing to see a video in 3D using his smartphone.

Digital multiplies the possibilities of interaction and storytelling. The branded objects leave a palpable memory. Why choose ?

Reconciling the intangible and tangible worlds in complete experiences bridges the gap between the real and the virtual. Objects, connected or not, can now continue to tell the story on the web.

Sweet Punk wishes 2015: connected and chocolate wishes.

Sweet Punk for their 2015 greeting card sent a mysterious box of chocolate served with a personalized code. This greeting card becomes the key to an off-line and online experience. It opens the door to a chic and lush universe that translates the values of the agency.

Sweet Punk wishes 2016: Endless Wish, emotion recognition by webcam.

For the 2016 season, the agency combined 2 best practices: innovation and emotion.

The concept ? An interactive site that evolves according to the emotions of the one who visits it. Thanks to a facial recognition system, joy, anger or surprise animate the scenes differently and give the sensation of plunging into a parallel world. The experience was rewarded with an FWA award.

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