Video mapping: reinventing video projection.



Event strategy, major stunt, promotion of a product ...

When it comes to capturing the attention of consumers, the scenography is the essential ally of the sensational. With video mapping, the identity of a brand colonizes the viewer’s environment.

Video projection 2.0

Since the cinematography of the Lum brothers in 1895, video and its media have evolved considerably. Today, 3D projection mapping makes it possible to project a video on any medium. The banal white canvas of dark rooms is over! Now videos are everywhere and on anything. Historical buildings, concert halls or even a car: video is no longer content with 2D support and animates places and objects, causing surprise and amazement in its path.

Integrate the environment in the scenography

Behind each video mapping project hides software that analyzes the relief and roughness of the object on which the video will be projected. The video will then adapt perfectly to the structure it fits.

And this is where 3D mapping finds its true identity: video will play with our perceptions of the real world to give us an extraordinary experience. It will deconstruct, return or recontextualize the medium it uses. The usually stationary object will then come alive and offer itself to the viewer in a new light. It is no longer a simple tool, but a real actor who comes to life under the influence of video and takes part in an overall scenography. Thanks to 3D projection mapping, all surfaces become dynamic video screens

New interactions with the viewer

The era of repeat advertising is over. Today, the attention of the consumer is the only sure value. Video mapping offers the viewer an extraordinary experience that will mark their mind.

Imagine being able to observe the mechanical functioning of a watch or a car at a glance thanks to a video projected on the exhibition model, being able to change the appearance of an object with a simple touch …

Video mapping software is more and more advanced and the hardware more and more sophisticated. This technology is democratizing and becoming more than a simple spectacle. It is a tool that can be integrated into a communication strategy.

Integrated into a larger scenography, video mapping sublimates an object and allows it to appropriate the space in which it is located. Video mapping, for example, extends the artist’s universe by projecting it directly onto the stage.

By tracking user movements, for example with a kinect camera or a laser beam interrupted by an action, the user can influence the progress of the video. The video mapping experience then becomes an interaction in augmented spatial reality.

3D projection mapping at the service of brands.

Recover your energy with the Toyota Auris

The new car from the Japanese firm looks like any other. However, its hybrid technology allows it to generate electricity while driving. To highlight this little detail that changes everything, a video projected directly on the car brings energy transfers to life.

One shoe, hundreds of styles.

The New Balance is a cult and timeless sneaker. Staged using 3D projection mapping, it comes to life and changes its appearance to the rhythm of the music.

Tokyo, an evolving city

The Japanese capital is always ahead of its time. To illustrate this capacity for constant evolution, video mapping projected on a reduced model of the city allows users to choose what aspect to put on in the metropolis.

Harrods embodies elegance

A sublime staging for Harrods built around Faberg eggs. An ideal scenography to enliven the store windows and reflect the image of this high-end brand.

So Active, interactive video mapping according to Sweet Punk

For the launch of So Actif, a Societe Generale platform dedicated to young workers, Sweet Punk carried out a marketing stunt in collaboration with specialists in projection mapping to encourage young people to take the first step! A Kinect camera analyzed the user’s dance movements and then we projected the corresponding movements performed by a professional dancer in video mapping. Decorations were generated in real time around the participant who was evolving in the heart of a huge interactive canvas of 570m2.

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