Activating the ALHIVE community

  • Culture and sport
  • Social media

No pain, no visibility gain.

Situation & Challenge

Federate athletes all year round

ALHIVE’s flagship sports program lasts 90 days. But how do you engage followers throughout the year to ensure that efforts (and commitment to the brand) are not slackened?


#teamalhive, the community at the service of individuals

In the bodybuilding industry, a great deal of information circulates through advice and word of mouth directly in the gym. To transpose this positive atmosphere to digital, we rely on constant interaction with the community. Real social media coaching based on FAQs, exercise video demonstrations, and snack-content versions of advanced blog articles on nutrition and anatomy.


A dedicated team and constant monitoring

An editorial committee made up of a project manager, a DA and a copywriter is in constant contact with the brand. The production of content is done in an agile way, via shared documents, and the editorial line is adapted each month according to the objectives. A flexible operation that allows our experts to get to know the brand and its community intimately.

Ressources Strategy

The recipe for success

  • Annual strategic support
  • Design, creation and writing of content for Insta & FB
  • Animation and account management – with an average of 3 to 4 posts / stories per week
  • Writing articles optimized for SEO related to sport, well-being, nutrition …
  • Media campaign management and digital activations: back to work (September 2019), awareness and recruitment campaign during confinement (April 2020)
  • Monthly reporting and strategy adjustments based on the results obtained

Instagram: stats that climb every month

  • + 48% of subscribers
  • + 357K impressions
  • All with 78 posts

Facebook: a united and committed community.

  • + 9% of followers per month
  • 929K impressions
  • + 23K interactions
  • + 164% mentions
  • In just 15 publications

In total, the ALHIVE x Sweet Punk adventure is:

  • a large community of 13,000 enthusiasts who grow every day
  • 500 loyal ambassadors who have become brand advocates
  • Various themes that stand out with the sector and seduce
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