Talent is revealed on TV

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The added warmth of Châteauform' in a bright film

Situation & Challenge

Happy talents make happy customers

Châteauform’, leader in corporate events in Europe for over 25 years, was built around this conviction: happy talents make happy customers. For its first media campaign, Sweet Punk worked on a new brand signature “let’s reveal your talents” and imagined a film to reveal it.

Creative idea

A warm film, breaking with the codes

A scenario that relies on different levels of reading, based on the polysemy of the word talent: a word that has become a real element of language in the sector. The whole concept is based on this analogy, this double reading of talent: the one that works with us and the one we have in us.
The result is a film that breaks with the often cold and formal codes of the sector. An original way of embodying the “added warmth” dear to Châteauform’, supported by a warm artistic direction, an organic production and a contemporary and rhythmic musical composition.

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