For Christmas, the Total Club rewinds

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Today's adults are yesterday's children


Reward loyalty

October 2020, the Club TOTAL loyalty program is getting a makeover, full of new features. The end of the year celebrations are therefore an ideal opportunity to promote them but also and above all to reward and animate the club community, all in a festive and fun universe.


Playing with our childhood memories

The Total loyalty program has been supporting its members for years, on vacation and family trips.
This year, the Total Club invites you to revisit the memories and eras that have marked us.

Creativ Idea

Club TOTAL rewinds

ALThrough 3 playful sketches, Club TOTAL invites you on a journey through time through the ages: 1980, 1990, 2020.
3 games have been imagined, mixing a retro gaming universe and referring to the games we played during our trips by car.


A totally crazy TOTAL Christmas

Players are loyal to the operation and come back every week to discover the game of the week:

-190,960 registered games

-160,568 unique users

-15,981 recurring players over the period

-1’30 average duration of each session

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