The "Future At Work" starts today

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Factory reinvents its identity foundations

Situation & challenge

"The future at work" in the present tense

The world of work is changing, and with it the expectations of employees and the use of professional spaces. That’s why Factory designs smarter, more efficient workplaces that meet the new challenges of corporate adaptability.

This forward-looking positioning is supported by a brand platform as avant-garde as the projects it (re)invents.

Our role was to create a brand identity in keeping with Factory’s ambitions, embodying its societal posture and living on all its communication channels.


A bird's eye view of the estate

A veritable breeding ground for performance, Factory’s professional spaces are designed to unleash the creative energies of individuals and push back the boundaries of projects.

With this same logic in mind, we designed an identity that gives meaning to the vision “The Future at Work”, redefining the limits of creativity, applied to a sector whose communication is usually sanitized.

We wanted to enhance the image of the company that is enhancing the professional spaces of tomorrow, with a sharp and ambitious graphic and editorial rebranding.

Creative idea

Crafted with glory

Breaking with the graphic codes of the market means highlighting Factory’s founding concept.

Pushing back the limits of our own working methods, we were able to design a brand identity in perfect harmony with Factory’s visionary stance.

The logo and website faithfully reflect the brand’s audacious universe, with graphic execution as rigorous as its creations, as creative as its layout proposals, and as ergonomic as the modularity of its spaces.


You should think bigger