The campaign that brings millennials to act for nature.

  • Associative / environment
  • Activation / Campaign
  • Social media

This is a campaign I act for nature.

Situation & Challenge

Millennials and nature.

The Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man promotes voluntary action for nature thanks to its platform “I act for nature” which allows everyone to discover another way of acting for nature, by taking action.
The foundation wanted to interest a younger, curious target who is constantly looking for something new.


Nature is the new cool.

Change the general perception of commitment to the environment, make it as cool and social as any of the activities of young urban and city dwellers.

Creative idea

This is an aperitif on the terrace.

Introduce the activities offered by the platform by infiltrating the daily life of millennials via culture. Missions thus become leisure, cultural outings. An activation centered around a series of impactful visuals whose objective is to change the perception of nature and, ultimately, to democratize environmental commitment.

A Social Media campaign
  • Post and visual series for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Creation of gifs and videos

more than 25,000 volunteers committed to nature, nearly 1,000 structures created, more than 1,300 activities a year, and the clock is ticking.

You should think bigger