Never seen on the road to All Saints' Day

  • Corporate
  • Activation / Campaign

An offbeat awareness campaign for the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation.

Situation & Challenge

You have to pick up the phone!

Being on the phone, texting, answering e-mails and even watching videos while driving have unfortunately become common practices. On the occasion of the many departures on All Saints’ Day holidays, the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation wishes to communicate on the inattention generated by these inappropriate and dangerous behaviors. But how to raise awareness among motorists without holding a moralistic discourse?


To challenge with the absurd.

Sweet Punk offers the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation an offbeat positioning, between humor and awareness. If 1 in 10 motorists in France have already had, or almost had, an accident because of the use of the telephone while driving, they do not seem to really realize the risks they run when they are inattentive at the wheel. . The campaign is based on situations which are absurd at first glance, then aberrant at the second …

Creativ idea

An unexpected creative turn.

This campaign consists of 4 key visuals. In each of the scenes, the driver behind the wheel of his car shares the image with an unexpected element: a flying saucer, aliens, an elephant hanging from balloons, a giraffe on the passenger side … Is that absurd? However, the most mind-boggling thing is the use of the telephone or even the GPS. Some situations shock us and others don’t… but they should! This is how Sweet Punk chose to call out to motorists.

You should think bigger