Freedom is not a luxury

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Being free, in every sense of the word

Situation & Challenge

A new identity to attract new prospects

Hiway, an ultra-complete service that accompanies tech freelancers at every stage of their project and facilitates the management of their daily life, wants a more assertive online identity in order to develop an impactful communication and recruit new freelancers.


To launch or not to launch, that is the question

Getting started in freelancing can be scary. Many questions arise in the minds of potential members: recurring questions, questions that Hiway can answer. Through a didactic, reassuring and convincing discourse, the brand positions itself as THE ideal solution to blossom as a freelancer and take advantage of the freedom that this new status offers.

Creative idea

The codes of the code: between play and excellence.

To anticipate and dispel all the fears of the target audience, this is the idea around which Hiway’s new communication was built. From now on, the home page of the site will address all the questions that freelancing raises and has been designed to significantly increase lead conversion at the bottom of the page. In order to make an impression and attract a tech community, the brand wants to be relaxed, fun and engaging through a visual signature full of illustrations and using the digital cultural codes of its target. Like an easter egg, animated elements create a strong sense of belonging and establish a bond between the brand and its prospects. Hiway appears as a modern expert, as the best partner a freelancer could hope for.


You should think bigger