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GoMyPartner, the application that finances amateur sports becomes Kobi

Situation and challenge

Accompanying a start-up that aims for the top of the podium.

GoMyPartner is a unique service on the market that offers to finance sports activities through everyday purchases: a cash-back system that aims to democratize access to sports in France.

The start-up has the wind in its sails and wishes to transform its brand to better meet the challenges it faces:

– Reach a larger number of B2C users.
– Develop a new B2B offer for companies.

How to create an emotional brand territory that can encompass all of GoMyPartner’s offerings?



Moving the lines of amateur sport.

To begin with, we had to rethink the name of the application so that it would be memorable and take us into the history of the brand.

A rich history, since GoMyPartner was born in the mind of a father who wanted to make his daughter’s dream come true by enrolling her in horse riding. He then realized the economic stakes that this represented and wanted to do something about it.

Kobi is the name of the horse with which the little girl took her first lessons. It’s also the name of the application that can help every aspiring athlete achieve their dreams.

We also defined a brand strategy that can be applied to both the B2C and B2B pillars.

Whether it’s a sports boosting app for everyone, or an HR engagement tool, Kobi has only one ambition: to contribute to a more sporty and stress-free world.

Resources strategy


“Kobi”: a name that has all the qualities of a great player.

A name that is easy to remember, that lives internationally, that is the starting point for brand storytelling and that evokes – like a mascot – the fact that the brand is a daily partner.

New identity

A graphic identity with sunny and joyful colors, an iconography that echoes the codes used on the field, enriched by a natural and authentic photography that highlights amateur sports.

The human being, humble and fulfilled in the practice of sport, is at the heart of the device.



New web site

– A website built around two entry points: B2C and B2B offers.

– Intuitive navigation, just like the application service offered by Kobi.

Social media

Focusing Kobi’s speaking engagements on amateur sport, in a landscape where professional sport is king.




Support the launch of the new brand identity.



Graphic identity

The central point of the new identity is the logo: compact and dynamic, it gives stature to the brand.

The illustrations create connivance between the brand and its users. A good way to make the brand a partner in everyday life.

The playful tone illustrates Kobi’s primary vocation: to change the rules of amateur sports to make them more accessible.

Social media

Define the appropriate communication channels and types of communication, depending on whether you are addressing a B2C or B2B target.

Vary the types of content and focus your publications on the sports theme rather than on the financial aspect.

Web site
B2B Video

Create a video format that clearly defines and promotes the new corporate offering.

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