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Glasses, a must-have for every occasion

Situation & challenge

A unique offer for every situation

In this film, Optical Center aims to highlight its unique offer: the first pair at 40% + a second pair free, while showcasing the different frame ranges that lend themselves to different everyday activities.


Glasses, more than just an accessory

All people who wear glasses should be able to change them according to the activity they’re doing.

Frames should become a fashion accessory, just like a pair of shoes that you change to match your outfit.

Creative idea

Changing glasses is like changing shoes

For this film, Optical Center puts Alison’s (the mother) daily life in the spotlight. We follow her in her daily life as a woman, chef, sportswoman and mother.

The ultra-dynamic film allows us to identify Alison’s different pairs of glasses, because thanks to Optical Center, she can finally adapt her glasses to her daily life, with a pair for every situation.

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