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Glasses are always a difficult choice


The offer for those who can't choose

In this latest episode of the saga, Optical Center is highlighting its 3-pair offer: the first pair at 40% + two pairs free. No need to hesitate.



Why hesitate when you can have all 3?

When we’re hesitant by nature, it’s always hard to make choices, whatever the situation. Optical Center wants to make our daily lives easier by offering us the possibility of not having to choose.

Creative idea

You have the choice not to choose

In this latest film, we meet up with Pierre, the father. We follow him through his slightly chaotic day-to-day life, because Pierre doesn’t know how to make decisions.

The film emphasizes the comic repetition of Pierre’s hesitations in everyday situations. Then, thanks to Optical Center, she finally gets a break, as the brand offers her 3 pairs of glasses to take home. No need to choose!

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