Mysterious universe for the launch of Pink Dragon

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We love Pink Dragon

Situation & challenge

Like a summer scent for the new fragrance Pago...

The sun is shining, and the first summer visitors are dusting off their light fabrics from the back of their wardrobes. And this year, pink predominates, a tangy color with festive accents. The new Pago fragrance is out, and it’s ready to join the festivities!

With so many new products coming out at this time of year, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. And to do that, you need to target the right audience, arouse interest and make people dream, while communicating in line with the product’s specific qualities.


Navigating the fine line between evocation and mystery

With the power of its presence, the subtlety of its aura, the intensity of its colors… Everything presages a mysterious and unexpected experience. No one really knows who it is or what it looks like. This is the new Pink Dragon fragrance.
And what better way to arouse desire than with spontaneous, festive communication?

Creative idea

Pink Dragon: a mysterious name that arouses curiosity and invites the senses to travel.

Behind the Guava & Dragon Fruit recipe, there’s audacity, intensity, sensory travel and new flavors from the ends of the earth.

One thing is certain, those who consume it have a taste for the unknown. This constant quest for intense new experiences, this desire to be surprised, is summed up in a signature.

Ressources strategy

A wild display campaign

A shoot set in a world of mystery and neon, gave rise to two flagship visuals enriched with slogans that were printed and posted on the walls of the capital.

The wild poster campaign nurtures the mysterious, elusive dimension of Pink Dragon.




We Love Green Festival

To unveil this new fragrance, we took advantage of the We Love Green festival to meet our target audience with several events:

– Tasting
– Glitter workshop
– 100% winning wheel
– Photobooth

Social events and influence contests

A competition was launched in collaboration with influencer @justineaccessible to win the Pink Dragon boxed set, containing a preview of the 3 juice formats, tickets for the We Love green festival and goodies.

The brand’s presence at the festival was relayed on the networks, as was the wild poster campaign. Finally, the whole month of August will be devoted to communication around this new fragrance.

We Love Green Festival
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