A TV campaign for Yoplait Skyr

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The film that adds a little Yoplait to your Skyr

Situation & challenge

Remaining the skyr's favorite, in the hearts of the French

Two years after the launch of its Skyr, Yoplait has become the leader in the Skyr segment with a smooth, creamy recipe. Positioning itself as “France’s favorite skyr*”, Skyr Yoplait has launched a new campaign to maintain this privileged status in the hearts of the French.


A touch of Yoplait in your skyr

Stemming from a thousand-year-old Icelandic recipe, skyr has a reputation for being dense and not necessarily to everyone’s taste. But Yoplait has come up with a smooth, creamy recipe that puts a touch of Yoplait in your skyr.

Creative idea

The favorite skyr of those who have tasted it**

With this new signature, “the skyr preferred by those who have tasted it**”, Yoplait skyr asserts its difference: in the image of the brand to which it belongs, it is soft and creamy.

The TV spot also makes reference to the origins of skyr, taking us on a subliminal journey to the heart of the Icelandic landscape, and then bringing us back to its French universe with this woman who tells us why Yoplait skyr is her favorite.



*44% market share Volume – Nielsen Tous Circuits CAM P12 2023

**Number 1 on the Skyr segment with 44% market share Volume and 57% repurchase rate – Nielsen Tous Circuits CAM P12 2023

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