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Spotlight on the safety of the Men in yellow

Situation and challenge

The safety of the men in yellow is everyone's business.

Every year, about 30 motorway patrol vans (known as the Men in yellow) are hit on the freeways of the French VINCI Autoroutes network.

2022 was a deadly year, as 4 road or motorway patrolmen were killed in the course of their duties, despite numerous awareness campaigns.

Faced with this situation and a strong feeling of powerlessness, Vinci Autoroutes needed a strong message to make users face their responsibilities.



Provoke the emotional shock to avoid the physical shock.

During the summer of 2022, VINCI Autoroutes circulated an exhibition of about thirty crashed vans on 17 freeway areas.

To accompany this travelling exhibition and to raise public awareness of the safety corridor and the dangers faced by patrollers, we have devised a claim that is a cry from the heart of motorway staff.

When are you going to crash?

Objective: to put the road user at the heart of the dangers incurred by the men in yellow, with a double reading message (in French, “percuter” means “to crash” but also “to understand”) that addresses them directly to change their behavior and remind them of the importance of the safety corridor.

Our guidance

Strategy of means

Social media

– More than twenty posts to really hack the Vinci Autoroutes social network

– A preventive video that will get the safety corridor message across at key times.

Physical device

– Truck wraps / tarpaulins and backs of trucks, to carry the campaign message on VINCI Autoroutes highways

– Posters with QR code to take users to the page linked to the safety corridor and to educate them

– Exhibition signage

Social Media

More than twenty posts to really hack the Vinci Autoroutes social network.

Hero movie



In July 2022, an exceptional convoy, consisting of 18 damaged vans, stopped at 17 VINCI Autoroutes rest areas.

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