The future is made in cinema and TV

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Making the film of those who make the future.

Situation & challenge

Faced with the challenges of the future, the industry is manifesting itself.

Creating a new image for the industry so that it can respond to the major challenges of our time: this is the challenge that the skills operator OPCO 2i has decided to take up with its affiliated branches.

The program includes a 360° communication campaign supported by a unifying and obvious film.

Creative idea

With the Industry, we have a future to make.

Industry is everywhere. What is created in industrial companies, thanks to precious techniques and know-how, reflects on the daily life of the French in every aspect of their lives.

Film making

The industry does not make products: it makes emotions.

A fluid & striking, immersive & dynamic film, whose sequences are constructed in such a way that an emotional and aspirational dimension meets the technical dimension of the industry.

By taking up themes of everyday life and of tomorrow, and served by an original electronic & galvanizing composition, “We have a future to make” tells a human odyssey: to put ourselves at the service of the common good.

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