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Badoo, Sweet Punk’s new conquest. 

The iconic online dating brand Badoo wants to shine with its new claim “Dare to be you. “. It’s love at first sight with the Sweet Punk agency and its “Don’t be boring” approach, which shares this territory of expression around boldness! On the agenda for this first date: a strategy that breaks the codes and changes the game to convert Badoo into a Love Brand for the Y-Z generations.

Digital Universities collaborates with Sweet Punk for an annual support.

The major player in EdTech and the leading educational media and innovation cluster wants to consolidate its offer. From the launch of the website to the writing of educational content and activations, Sweet Punk will work closely with Digital Universities during the year 2021.
Objective: Accelerate the work of accessibility and innovation of distance learning, a major issue that the industry has seen a strong progression in recent years.

Sweet Punk commits against chronic malnutrition with UNITLIFE (United Nations)

Unitlife, the United Nations NGO, seeks to fight malnutrition and its consequences throughout the world by helping women to feed their families properly. To promote the ambition of this NGO, which redistributes its funding to local associations capable of acting on the ground, Unitlife mandates Sweet Punk to bring their message loud and clear to millenials through a social media campaign that breaks the codes of associative communication.


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