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Théo is design and strategy manager at Sweet Punk. If you have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him at the bend of a brief, a workshop or a pitch, we invite you to discover his "talk" as it is customary to say for TEDx.

TEDx Celsa offers each year to a handful of communication professionals to speak on a subject of circumstance. This year it was about exploring the paradox.

We therefore leave the floor to Theo on the choice of his subject:

9min to sell the dream.

The theme chosen for the 2019-2020 edition was that of Paradoxes. That’s good, our profession is full of them! So I decided to tackle the paradox that surrounds the dream.

Already because it’s a subject close to my heart. I have had lucid dreams from a very young age and I believe that it is an inexhaustible well of creativity which is very useful to me in my work. And secondly because our businesses are often called “dream sellers”. The opportunity for me to return to the place of the dream in our society, across the spectrum of advertising.

In my opinion, the dream society tends to distort the real, creative and paradoxical dream. We made it accessible, even consumable. This raises as many ethical questions, about our professions, our economic system, as poetic questions, about creativity and the role of the unconscious in the birth of an idea. The aim of this conference is of course not to decide the question, but to ask it in the hope of starting everyone’s thinking.

PS: mouth noise in ASMR is just a bonus.

Discover his intervention below:


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