Clubhouse: the opportunity.

Alexandre Castaing, 7 April 2021


Organize the equivalent of a convention center with the simplicity of a café philosophy: welcome to Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is the next big social hit, once again from Sillicon Valley. Do you doubt it? Yet the positioning of this application is clearly brilliant. The Post Covid era, in which we are already, is that of collaborative work and dematerialized exchanges. Even those that we thought we could not do without face-to-face. Cross the success of podcasts, or the emergence of audio in the broad sense, and the possibility of organizing live exchanges open to all. Erase twitter’s flaws and loops of hate. Sprinkle it with empowered moderation, inspiring trailblazers, and you’ve got Club House. The app offers everyone who wants free space to organize structured discussions: from confidential groups, to conferences without (or almost) size limits. With the same gesture, you can welcome ten people or thousands. This offers everyone the opportunity to organize the equivalent of a convention center with the same ease as a Philo café.

An announced success

Do you still doubt the success and the potential economic model of this future juggernaut? Facebook and Twitter are obviously already coding the parade, dollar-shaped drops of sweat on their foreheads. Be sure to find on Club House, political debates and conferences of our next presidential election. One year to conquer the country and be found in all phones is enough for a service of this caliber.

Despite these obvious facts, it is sad to be confronted in too many specialized French media and commentaries, with the same dubious reflexes. I quote: “Does Clubhouse make you addicted? How will our conversations be spied on? A hype with problem. An application of elitist inter-self …” Again this good evil of us which consists in criticizing, doubting, regulate while the period should be for exploration and creativity. Yes, what a shame to see digital transformation experts pouting in front of the moving world. While players like Feed. jump at the chance, and are already creating a media status on the platform, let’s hurry up to follow the example and open this network to all by welcoming the widest audience through the millions of subjects exciting.

Whether you are a brand, an association, a passionate person, open the doors of your clubs so that La Francophonie seizes the opportunity to be a leader. We will be sure to share our ideas.

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