ELLE and Sweet Punk are working for a better world.



Last May, ELLE unveiled its new special edition Green.

The editorial staff is confined to this special issue: a bible for all those who are sensitive to ecology. There are responsible tips: beauty, fashion, food, home, well-being ... SHE thinks of everything but especially the planet.

To keep this special issue alive over time, the magazine has decided to organize a major event on October 3 and 4 at the Good Planet Foundation.
On the program: conferences on eco-feminism, what rights for nature, fair trade, reducing its impact at home, DIY workshops, yoga and meditation workshops ... and more. It was therefore important to be able to give access to as many people as possible.

With Covid-19, it was necessary to adapt because not everyone can participate in the event, and it was Sweet Punk who was chosen to find a solution.

An agency sensitive to the environmental cause, Sweet Punk engages with ELLE to carry its messages. In addition to its internal actions in favor of the environment (responsible consumption, recycling of waste, etc.), the agency already counts among its clients a number of associations and foundations working for a more sustainable world.

Like the biggest festivals impacted by the health crisis this year, Sweet Punk was asked to digitize the event by creating a dedicated site on which the conferences will be broadcast live, accompanied by exclusive content.

To do this, the agency imagines the artistic direction of the site, and manages all the shoots to ensure digital retransmission.
Elle Green readers will thus be able to view in real time the conferences and interviews that will take place from the Good Planet Foundation.

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