Malt collaborates with Sweet Punk for his manifesto video on “New work order”.

Margaux Delvigne, 8 October 2020


Malt, the leading freelancing marketplace in Europe, worked with Sweet Punk for its manifesto video produced as part of the complete overhaul of its brand identity. This video supports Malt's new baseline: “Choice. The new work order ”.

Connecting 200,000 freelancers (tech, marketing, purchasing, strategy, etc.) and 30,000 regular customers every day, including 85% of CAC 40 companies, Malt has undergone a real overhaul of its graphic identity.

At a time when the ways of working are upset and when people
have often been deprived of choices whether in their personal or professional lives, Malt proclaims the “New work order” revolution. It revolves around the notion of choice: choosing who we work with, where we want it and when we want it.

To support its manifesto, the French scale-up chose to make a video with the agency Sweet Punk. It features freelancers registered on Malt in situations inspired by their daily lives. The agency transcribed through this video values ​​dear to the company: authenticity, dynamism, enthusiasm and daring.

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