Spirit trusts Sweet Punk to build its corporate communication.



SPIRIT takes the floor through a campaign entitled “(Co) build the world of tomorrow” launched on LinkedIn. The idea was to communicate about the brand and its vision while addressing the major themes of the real estate industry today.

Since 1988, SPIRIT has been committed to developing pleasant and responsible territories, designed to adapt to use and time. Places that meet our current needs and our future ambitions.

While at the end of 2020, the SIMI, the must-see trade fair for business real estate, was canceled for health reasons, SPIRIT was able to innovate to maintain the privileged relationship that the group maintains with all of its partners; local elected officials, architects, notaries, promoters … In response to this cancellation, the promoter and investor SPIRIT and the Sweet Punk agency imagined the campaign “(Co) build the world of tomorrow”, a creative and poetic speech that positions SPIRIT as a visionary builder.

“(Co) build the world of tomorrow” is a two-step campaign: digital first since the messages and creations were posted on LinkedIn and by email, then physical because it resulted in a 43-page book which was offered to all SPIRIT partners. The main objective was to translate in a visual and creative way the reflection carried out by the group as well as by experts and citizens on three main themes of the real estate sector:

– Build the foundations responsible for a more sustainable balance
– The freedom to think about the cities that bring you together
– Believing in the value of our territories, that’s the spirit of recovery

The collaboration between SPIRIT and Sweet Punk on the “(Co) build the world of tomorrow” campaign culminates in the delivery of a booklet that compiles all the interviews, testimonials and graphic elements produced in recent months.

With Sweet Punk, SPIRIT thus lays the solid foundations for 360 ° communication that reposition the group as a forward-thinking innovator aware of the challenges of the world of today, and of tomorrow …

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