WebGL : la 3D se démocratise sur internet.



WebGL: 3D is democratizing on the internet.

Virtually manipulate a product, interact with 3D animations, play a game on your browser, WebGL generalizes the use of 3D on a website. This has been around for a long time, but through binding plugins to download. Flash was a master in the field and fitted almost all machines in the world in its time. It was without counting on Steve Job who decided to shoot him when the iPad came out.

Historically, HTML is a very flat language … A descriptive language that consists of stacking divs and text boxes. But here is that HTML5 natively integrates a whole battery of exciting features including WebGL, which finally allows you to enjoy the third dimension without having to download a plugin.

WebGL is not a full-fledged language, it is a gateway that uses Javascript to link OpenGL, the programming interface that displays 3D via HTML5 canvas, and the graphics card of a computer that makes calculations easier. Anyway … it works.

An engaging experience for the user.

WebGL pushes the boundaries of user interaction. While the internet user has the simple habit of scrolling and still scrolling, we are going to offer him the opportunity to move around and interact as in a video game. He can browse a site by exploring in-depth navigation, for example, manipulate 3D products before buying them, or choose the seats of his future car by virtually entering the interior.

Coupled with new navigation techniques, such as eye tracking which uses the webcam to follow the gaze, smartphone accelerometers which capture user movements or in the future virtual reality headsets, WebGL offers an experience that exceeds anything the web has offered so far.

This ultra-personalization of the user journey pushes visitors to invest more in navigation. This makes it easier for a brand to capture the attention of consumers while facilitating the retention of information.

A trend with untapped potential.

2016 is the year of WebGL. This technology usually reserved for webdesign esthetes is exposed to the general public. It’s a real revolution in the world of web design that is rethinking the codes of UI and UX.

Augmented reality, Kinect or Leap Motion type control interfaces could continue to extract the web from the flatness of screens thanks to WebGL. Minority Report is not far away, as long as UX designers find a use for all this equipment.

3D printing coupled with WebGL also offers great prospects. By directly personalizing a product online through a customization interface, the user would benefit from a tailor-made offer shaped according to their wishes. Imagine choosing an element of decoration online, manipulating and modeling it according to your desires before receiving it instantly thanks to 3D printing! A new consumption mode that is just waiting for the popularization of 3D printers at home.

3 good reasons to believe in WebGL to communicate on the web:

  • Innovation: It’s hard to get the attention of internet users, blazed by the thousands of daily digital requests. Surprise them by immersing them in a real experience.
  • Experience: This technology revolutionizes the codes of linear navigation on the internet and allows visitors to live a unique and often unprecedented experience. A fertile ground for creativity and the big show.
  • Audience: WebGL is available on desktop, mobile and tablet, and compatible with most existing browsers. The whole world opens up to WebGL, ready to dive into the third dimension again.

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