The king of room rental in the AirBnB era.

  • Corporate
  • Brand strategy and advice

A five stars positioning for 1001 Salles

Situation & challenge

Constantly innovate

When the European leader in room reservation sees the birth of a wave of native digital competitors, it has no choice but to reinvent itself to keep its place and consolidate its link with its audiences.


Simplify brand understanding through a fluid ecosystem

If the strength of the 1001 Salles group resides in its different brands which cover all event needs – room reservation, catering, music, etc., its ecosystem complicates its understanding. Sweet Punk has given back all its strength to the group that oversees the different entities to enhance the influence of each of them.

Ressources strategy

Group charter

  • Creation of a standardization charter
  • Design of the 1001Salles group site

TV and digital campaign

  • Creation of 3 TV spots
  • Display campaign

1001 Salles Website: the flagship

  • Design and UX
  • Graphical charter
  • UI design
  • Mobile site

1001 caterers Website

  • Design and UX
  • Graphical charter
  • Web design

Social Media

  • Social media strategy
  • Graphic and editorial charter
  • Social media management


  • Reinforcement of the image
  • Partners: 90% contract renewal
  • Favorable expansion (buyout of 1001 DJ platforms, Book A Bar, etc.)
  • + 15% of reservations
  • Social media – 2.3 million impressions
A unified group identity

The agency has imagined and implemented complementary and consistent identities for the main brands of the group: 1001 Salles, 1001 Salles Pro and 1001 Caterers. Strong and identity-based visual charters available on all platforms and all brand media.

TV awareness campaign

This identity renewal was carried by three television commercials produced in full 3D to highlight the expertise and the offer of 1001 Venues. Room reservation for a wedding, anniversary or meeting, the brand projects itself in the minds of its customers to express the simplicity of its service.

Social media

After defining the speaking strategy and editorial charter, the agency took charge of the group’s social media management. A presence that generated 2.3 million interactions.

Global redesign of the 1001 caterers website

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