Women are not toys.

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A social media and influence campaign for Action Aid against sexual violence

Situation & Challenge

Open your eyes to harassed workers

Action Aid is an NGO which has been supporting men and women in the fight for their economic, social and cultural rights since 1983. After being alerted to the sexual violence suffered by female workers in Mattel factories, the NGO is mobilizing alongside Sweet Punk to denounce these intolerable behaviors, warn the public and make the toy manufacturer react to help. to these harassed women.


Barbie makes her revolution

Sweet Punk supports Action Aid in their approach with a social media and influence strategy. Its goal is to reach as many people as possible and collect as many signatures as possible on the petition against Mattel, the toy maker famous for its Barbie dolls. It is moreover by relying on this emblematic figure of the emancipation of women that the agency wanted to send its warning message.

Creativ idea

In Barbie's eyes

Sweet Punk then imagined a video between shocking images and striking texts, in which Barbie witnesses the harassment suffered by workers in Mattel factories. The doll’s frozen smile gives way to a face resolutely determined to move the lines by loudly advocating to the whole world that no, women are not toys.

This campaign is supported by influencers and is available in stories and posts on social networks in order to be seen by as many people as possible and to educate as many French people as possible.

You should think bigger